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Telephone Services

GenieMessenger Premium - 5 years Service Plan
GenieMessenger Premium - 5 years Service Plan
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GenieMessenger Premium - 5 years Service Plan
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GenieMessenger Premium - 5 years Service Plan
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Your customers, business associates, friends and family may be everywhere, across the street or across the world, and itís often confusing how best to stay in touch and send your updates, offers and announcements. What do you prefer; voice, email, text or videos? Which is cheap and fast, what is safe and secure? The GenieMessenger solves these problems: Use All Four - for Free!

The GenieMessenger Premium; is a new communications tool recently introduced by AllCom one of our members which combines telephone, text and email into one service. Your customers, friends and family can stay in touch with you free. The GenieMessenger gives you:


  • Unlimited TEXT Messaging to all your customers
  • Toll Free Number good anywhere in the US and Canada
  • Return calls with a click of one button
  • Completely private, your caller ID will not be displayed 
  • You can choose from three sizes, small, medium or large
  • You can get as many additional GenieMessengers FREE for personal or business use.

How much does it cost? $1 a month (60 trade credits for 5 years)

To activate click on: I want my GenieMessenger NOW

Sign up for the $1 30- day free trial, and once your signed up you can prepay your monthly fees for five year by simply asking your trade director to credit our account for $60 trade credits.


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