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Life Coach

Business Coaching Services
Business Coaching Services
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Business Coaching Services
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Business Coaching Services
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Mentee (you) acknowledges that this mentoring relationship is a co-creative process between Mentee and Mentor to inspire and mentor Mentee to maximize the Mentee's personal and professional potential as an entrepreneur. Mentor agrees to mentor and coach Mentee toward entrepreneurial success in business development. The parties agree to engage in a 90-day mentoring program through telephone and/or Skype sessions. Mentor will be available to Mentee by e-mail and voicemail in between scheduled sessions, if needed, and as capped and outlined in this Agreement. All sessions must be concluded within ninety (90) days of the execution date of this Agreement or the same will be void with no further responsibility from Mentor to Mentee and no refunds. Sessions may not be shortened and no time carries forward for future sessions if Mentee is late or ends a session early. Mentee agrees to call Mentor for all sessions. [Mentor Phone Number and Skype Handle To Be Provided separately] Each party will notify the other in advance via text or email of any alternative number, if needed. Mentee agrees to also be available for some Skype calls if Mentor requests. If Mentee calls and gets voicemail, Mentee agrees to wait two (2) minutes before calling back as Mentor may be calling Mentee if Mentee called after the Session start time, and vice versa Mentor shall wait two (2) minutes before calling back if Mentor calls Mentee. If Mentee fails to call within a 15 (fifteen) minute grace period of the scheduled session time, the session will be forfeited, there will be no rescheduling or refund as Mentor set aside the time for Mentee and waited a reasonable time. Further, Mentor may try to accommodate Mentor after the grace period so long as no other conflict is on Mentor's schedule. To avoid any misunderstanding, if Mentee calls at fifteen (15) minutes past the scheduled time, Mentee shall have a forty-five (45) minute session and so on. Otherwise, Mentee shall receive the time remaining if Mentee calls late. Each party agrees to inform the other via text or email of any need to reschedule at least twelve (12) hours prior to a Session, including vacations, illness or conflicts. Email communications shall be a part of the services Mentor renders to Mentee and Mentee shall be entitled to responses to a reasonable number of succinct, business development emails related to the spirit and intent of this Agreement, which in no event shall exceed more than forty-five (45) email responses from Mentor.
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